innovate Starter - Idea Management

You want to facilitate the collection of ideas of your employees as part of the continuous improvement process for the optimization of processes and detection of potential savings. On the one hand, the integration into the SAP ERP system is a priority. On the other hand, the application though easy to use and centrally accessible on the corporate intranet.

The "innovate Starter Idea Management" provides a solution with its web interface based on SAP technology.

Highlights of the package:

  • Web interface (BSP) technology
  • Full SAP integration (QM reports)
  • Role concepts for the submission of ideas to the assessment to implementation and to awards
  • Preparation of letters (PDF format) to inform the idea contributor
  • Individual awards may be associated with the proposals
  • No new hardware required. Runs completely in the existing SAP R/3 or ERP
  • Can be extended, including the mapping of related / adjacent processes
  • Based on the technology, other processes from the ERP system are represented as web-based, e.g. the collection of reports or returns management service. All processes can be
  • adapted absolutely specific to each of the optimized process and expectations of the user