How to optimize your Customer Journey with SAP Hybris

The term "Customer Journey" is not new - but the "journey" itself! Over the past few years, "touchpoints" have changed significantly - the customer's contact points with a product or a company. The way to the purchase of a product or service now extends to much more contact points than only TV, radio and newspaper supplements. We live in a digital world dominated by online marketing. This is why the Internet plays the most important role in modern marketing, particularly for opinion boards, search engines, experience portals, social media, blogs, producer pages, banner advertising, webshops. For online marketing, the "new" contact points are a blessing, as modern tracking methods are used to understand the customer's behavior, and the shopping experience can be designed and influenced accordingly.

This is true not only for the world of end customers. In the B2B procurement process, too, the Internet is the most important tool for purchasing decisions in purchasing and information retrieval. As a B2B provider you have to be found on the Internet, if you want to be present for your customers. In addition to the desktop, many customers also access mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, where they can find information about online videos, product data sheets and product reviews. A modern B2B provider also takes into account the design of the Customer Journey, but also the conventional touchpoints, such as Representative visits, trade fairs and e-mails. The touchpoints provide a good opportunity to capture relevant information about the customer (track) and to assist the sales staff in real time.

With innovate, you have a competent partner who will help you to create the perfect Customer Journey. As an SAP consultancy, we not only offer the right systems from the SAP Hybris Suite for the optimal Customer Journey, but also a competent consulting and elaboration of a finished Customer Journey concept.