Consulting Services

innovate consulting services

Consulting expertise to innovate is to provide optimal support for our customers with the introduction of E-Business systems. From the initial idea, to the implementation of the systems to productive use. We offer project preparatory and accompanying support in the following areas:

Customer Journey

  • Introduction to the 5 phases of Customer Journey (Awareness, Favorability, Consideration, Intent to Purchase, Conversion) with regard to the SAP Hybris Suite for B2C and B2B
  • Analysis of existing customer experience management
  • Elaboration of an action recommendation for the individual Customer Journey
  • Design of a finished concept based on profound process and methodological knowledge
  • Recommendation of appropriate communication channels within the industry
  • Selection of suitable systems to implement your specific requirements
  • Analysis and optimization of an existing Customer Journey

Strategy consulting for IT-systems

  • Discussion of the potential and current IT systems and technologies for your business
  • Selection of appropriate systems to implement specific requirements
  • Recommendations for the long-term planning to protect your investment in IT systems
  • Consideration of the new release strategy of SAP AG
  • Recommendations for the release change-capable design of your systems

Organizational consulting

  • Analysis of business processes and other processes within the organization
  • Identification of optimization potential
  • Development of recommendations for action
  • Transfer of knowledge, for example as a part of coaching or the facilitation of workshops
  • Process support in the form of monitoring of improvement projects in your company
(Excitation of your employees as self-dependent and independent development of solutions)

Market survey

  • Analyses of your competition and your industry environment in terms of the type of E-Business systems and applications
  • Recommendation for the use of E-Business systems that allow you to create a competitive advantage

Technical concept

  • Creation of a document which details the project procedures

Project management

  • Project management expertise for the implementation of complex SAP E-Business projects
  • Control and coordination between different parts of a project, e.g. IT department, business department, external project participants

Project controlling

  • Cost controlling
  • Monitoring of the project progress
  • Assessment of compliance with milestones
  • Recommended measures and initiate actions in excess of costs, schedules, etc.
  • Technical qualitiy assurance
  • Control of documentation
  • Estimation of the risks