innovate offers support for the introduction of electronic processes in various areas of the company. We use all our know-how in the following areas:


  • Management of customer relationships across different communication channels

SAP Web-Channel

  • SAP Web shops based on SAP ERP and SAP CRM

SAP NetWeaver Portal

  • Corporate portal

SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (Exchange Infrastructure)

  • Solution for communication between SAP systems and external systems and to communicate within SAP systems

SAP NetWeaver Application Server

  • ABAP and Java stack as a runtime environment for Web applications
  • Development of web applications based on BSPs (Business Server Pages)
  • Development of web applications based on JSP's (Java Server Pages)
  • Full integration with SAP systems

SAP Internet Pricing and Configurator

  • Configuration and pricing in the Internet
  • Based on the dependencies and the pricing of the SAP ERP

SAP Business Connector

  • XML communication via the Internet

SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS)

  • Cost-effective and rapid implementation
  • Use of the internal ITS in the SAP ERP system
  • All data and functions in the SAP ERP system

SAP Java Connector

  • Integration of SAP applications on Java applications