SAP Commerce Cloud

innovate Know-how:

  • innovate is hybris Silver Partner
  • innovate offers unique expertise for the implementation of SAP hybris omni-channel frontends as well as for a deep integration in SAP ERP and CRM from more than 120 web-channel projects.
  • Conception of omni-channel solutions
  • Integration of basic components incl. development environment for professional implementation environments
  • Manifestation of accelerators for Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and for transactions with dealers (B2B2C)
  • Customization of omni-channel commerce on corporate identity
  • Implementation of the solution considering system performance and ability of release-change
  • Addition of new functions
  • Control of webshop functionalities by permissions
  • Integration in SAP ERP and CRM by synchronous or asynchronous interfaces
  • Variant configuration
  • To become acquainted with the SAP-hybris omni-channel commerce we recommend the installation of a test environment in your company and additionally the execution of a conception phase. For this purpose innovate has created the consulting bundle "innovate Starter - SAP-hybris Omni-Channel Commerce"

innovate solutions:

  • Customized pricing in product catalogue without IPC
  • Variant configuration
  • Creation of word-documents on basis of filled basket
  • Test of credit card data against clearing-center
  • Payment-method settlement with innovate pay
  • Voucher settlement
  • Spare-part handling on basis of SAP CS and SAP CRM