For a simplified catalog administration, we offer our consulting package "CatManSuite" based on SAP ERP. The CatManSuite consists of five areas - CatMan, CatImport, CatExport, CatUpdate and CatTranslate. The application is implemented in the existing SAP ERP system. Thus, no additional hardware is required.


  • Manual catalog maintenance and assurance of data quality in an improved maintenance view (compared to WWMx)
  • Image care
  • Text maintenance
  • Completeness check
  • PDF Preview
  • Catalog Staging


  • Automated maintenance and updating of the catalog content based on changes to the SAP material master


  • Reading files for the creation of material masters, product catalogs and associated MIME object
  • BMECat
  • Data migration


Export of product data for use in online or offline media in different areas such as:
  • Product Data Sheet
  • PDF Preview
  • SAP E-Commerce
  • Print catalog
  • Online Catalog
  • BMECat


  • Translation of SAP master data texts with the help of external Translation Memory Systems (TM-system)
  • XML interface for the import and export of texts from TM-systems for translation
  • Selection of worklists with Delta Logic