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innovate Starter - SAP CRM Web-UI Performance optimization

With the SAP CRM Web-UI, SAP offers a sophisticated user interface for SAP CRM 2007, 7.0 and EHPx. However, this also offers potential for improvement, tailored to the system environment and the intended use of the user.

The innovate starter package includes advice on the performance and usability analyzes
by the SAP CRM Web-UI specialist innovate.

Contents of the package:

  • Performance analysis of SAP CRM Web-UI
  • Optimization of system setup and navigation
  • Analysis of the usability of the SAP CRM Web-UI
  • Adjustments of Assignment block for optimized operation
  • If necessary, integration of the starter innovate - SAP GUI@CRM Web-UI
  • If necessary, integration of the starter innovate - compact view in the CRM Web-UI