innovate Starter - SAP GUI@CRM Web-UI

The usage of software applications makes the daily business of employees easier. At the same time, through many different applications the complexity increases. This is due to the different concepts of usage and designs of these applications.

Users want to have simple processes. This means reducing the clicks needed inside the application in order to accomplish the daily work. Additionally, applications should have a similar look and feel.
Nevertheless, applications contain data that should also be used by other applications. The aim is reducing failures caused by typing of the same data into different applications.

The consulting package SAP GUI@CRM Web-UI contains the integration of the SAP Win-GUI into the CRM Web-UI with a generic call. Optionally, further ERP transactions could also be integrated.

Highlights of the consulting package:

  • Envoking any ERP transaction
  • Fast performance using the SAP Win-GUI
  • No functional limitations within the ERP transaction
  • Context sensitive calling of ERP transactions through parameter transfer (e.g. customer no., sales order no.)
  • Opening of multiple SAP GUI mode possible
  • Changes in the ERP transaction (customizing, Z-fields) are automatically available in the integrated transaction
  • Usage of the „Signature Design" theme allows an integrated GUI-design (prerequisite: SAP GUI for Windows, Release 7.10)
  • No additional hardware